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NEW - $2 Trillion in Smart Factory Technology Predicted by 2022

By Thomas R. Cutler

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NEW - A Definitive Conversation About WCS vs. WMS 

By Thomas R. Cutler


Standards for Small Business

By Thomas R. Cutler

There is no shortage of standards. There are standards which define how something should be made versus standards related to processes, such as ISO 9001. According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards that provide requirements or give guidance on good management practice are among the best known of ISO's offerings. Having achieved truly global status and thoroughly integrated with the world economy, ISO 9001:2000 (the transition to ISO 9001:2008 is now taking place) gives the requirements for quality management systems; it is established as the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the...

Shopfloor Advancements Lead to Legacy Machine Tool Connectivity 

By Thomas R. Cutler

Many machine tools used in metalworking are poorly set up for the data collection and communications needed to measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) information needed for profitable company decision-making. There are historical reasons for these short-comings, along with industry and research...


JustFoodERP Industry Expertise = 97% ERP Success Rate

By Thomas R. Cutler

According to the Standish Group, ERP implementations in midsized companies have a high degree of failure. Some ERP vendors have better success rates than others. It begs the question: Why? What are the qualities and characteristics of successful ERP technologies and implementations? The research was not rhetorical; could any ERP vendor point to a nearly perfect implementation record? If so, what is the secret to that success? ...

Lean Solutions: On-Machine Probing

By Thomas R. Cutler

From one off prototype to large runs there are strategic frameworks, methodologies, enabling technologies and automation which can significantly improve operating performance and market share; these tools result in an increased bottom line.

Machine Tool Probes, Button and Laser Type Tool Setters, and Process Control Software using Probe Data come with their own series of challenges according to Cliff Jones, President of Advanced Probe Technologies. Jones asserts, “On-Machine probing is a great way to reduce costs, downtime and operator error. Although measuring a part when it's clamped into a machining center uses up metal-cutting time, doing so can actually save minutes upstream and downstream of the...

WCS: Proof of concept

Developing a warehouse distribution centre to accommodate direct selling can bring difficulties and challenges.

By Thomas R. Cutler

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) often require proof of concept according to Jerry List, vicepresident of QC Software. Management teams in direct-to-consumer distribution centres usually turn to improved warehouse technology solutions when one of two circumstances occurs: rapid growth requiring improved throughput capacity or serious quality-control issues (such as “mispicks” or error-prone shipping). Both these challenges will produce lower customer satisfaction if the correct products are not received in a timely manner.

These issues often arrive on the desks of senior managers via...

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